This message addresses the statement that some people make about how Women should "have some respect for themselves ." A woman who loves her body, is proud of what she looks like, isn't afraid to be open about her sexuality, isn't afraid to be slut-shamed, takes scantily-clad selfies or opens her legs, etc.

How About That?????? Who The FUCK ARE YOU to be telling Someone Else how to behave or act??? Why don't you worry about your damn self. Women get enough shit for our image. We're either "too skinny" or " too fat" or "wear too much makeup" or dress "too slutty." OR, if I'm covered up, I'm dressed "too Old-Lady" YEAH, I'VE HEARD IT ALL.

SO FUCK YOU ALL. I'm NOT HERE TO FUCKING PLEASE YOU. I'm here to please MYSELF, & I LOVE MY BODY. In an age where women develop eating disorders to be models, go under the knife or get injections to alter their physical appearance or have low self-esteems because of criticism from her peers about how she looks, a woman who is happy and comfortable IN HER OWN SKIN should be praised.

I think a woman's body is Her Own Body, & whatever she does with her body is nobody's damn business except Her own! If she wants to shake her ass, if she wants to show off and be sexy, let her!! She's celebrating her individuality, confidence, sensuality & sexuality. A strong woman with a mind of her own & the ability to Think for Herself harnesses much power, and is a Force to be Reckoned With in a Man's world.

Her MIND IS STRONG ENOUGH TO EMPOWER HERSELF when other women wouldn't Dare to do what she does out of fear of being slut shamed! So ladies, Go On With Your Bad Self! MUAH