What's on my mind is the dire situation here in Puerto Rico. I want to understand why and how come things are the way they are. I'm going on a tangent here but I don't feel like schools teach us anything. At least I don't feel like I've learned anything applicable to what I need to know to be prepared for life in general. I wish I could "write a paper" to solve all of the world's Problems, like hunger, and homelessness. Cause I actually do give a fuck.

I mean when you look back on your college years, what have you Really learned???? I feel like the institutions of "higher learning" are just in place to teach you how to be a Robot, & to go through the motions. You do A, then B, & C. You go to school, dot your i's and cross your t's, & if you follow in the footsteps of those before you, then you will be "successful."

I don't feel like school teaches you how to Think for Yourself. You learn how to think for yourself when you have to deal with coworkers, subordinates, managers, and customers who have a stake in the end product. You learn how to see things from the outside-in when you travel abroad and immerse yourself in other cultures and environments. Life isn't just about going through the motions!

The world has been my classroom, & my life and my history is RICH with experiences and lessons. I know that for most of my life thus far I've been consistently inconsistent, because I Choose to be that way, because I Do bore so easily. I'm a rebel-to-the-core, or maybe the Corps has just branded me a nomad for life. But I can't seem to keep Still! We're fucking humans! We change our minds, have a change of heart, and circumstances themselves change! Why do you have to do the Same fucking job for 20, 30 years in the hopes of collecting a pension? Everyone should be able to do whatever their heart desires.

Imagine how much more productive society would be if everyone did what they do not for the money, but out of the sheer pleasure in doing what it is that they actually do? I'm fortunate to be in that position. I don't even know where I'm headed with this conversation because it's fucking 0630 & I feel like a zombie. But I just want, need, & crave for more, always. I want to be a porn star. There, I said it. Bet you didn't see That One coming.