I'm Proud to be a United States Marine.

Blood, sweat & tears....You go through the motions in life and sometimes your brain develops automatic response reflexes to external stressors-- your self-defense mechanisms to the Bullshit you encounter on the daily. And you Just Do whatever you have to do, you don't Think about what you're doing, you just Follow Orders. Marine Corps Orders, Orders to your next duty station, etc. Everything happens so fast that you don't have the Time to digest all that's happening, and everything that Has happened to you.

So your emotions take somewhat of a backseat, & one day it finally Sinks In, & you wake up and think FUCK!! I Can't Believe I went through all of that! How did I Do it? Everyone had their own path-- mine was a very "easy" tour (& I'm grateful I never had to deal with enemy fire), but I had my own challenges, like being the only female Marine in country when I was in Venezuela. When they tell you it's all Mental, it really is. So many Marines fall off and do stupid shit just to get themselves out of the bullshit; they'd rather take the hit, get NJP'd or in trouble for some dumb shit in an attempt to relinquish their duties and responsibilities that they took an Oath and Swore to fulfill when they signed that contract, and signed their life away to the United States Marine Corps and became a Marine and referred to by their last name and their Last Four.

So I'm proud of Myself, & I'm proud of all my brothers and sisters who served their full term honorably. It's one thing to hear others tell you that they're proud of you, but what's more important is that YOU should be proud of yourself. You've come a long way Marines!!!! You should be proud of yourself!!! I'm proud of all your accomplishments and achievements, because it really Was a test in every way physical, mental, & emotional-- and we're All a little crazy to subject ourselves to the Green Weenie lol.

And if you weren't a little looney before you joined, you certainly Came Out a little looney hahahahahaha . Only my brothers and sisters would understand. God Bless You All. Life is so short, I hope you All live the Best life that you can, cause that's really all you Can do, really, & I hope you figure that out sooner than later, if you haven't already ?