To all the women who want to be a Marine...

My advice to her would be to do as much research as possible first, and to write down what your goals are before signing your life away to Uncle Sam. Write down what you want from the Marine Corps, write down the positives & negatives, and the advantages & disadvantages of what it means to serve, so that you can have a roadmap for yourself-- a clear vision and focus of what you want for your life and career as a Marine.

I can not stress enough how important it is to know yourself well, because circumstances change all the time in the fast-paced life of Marines. I know that if a young woman takes my advice to heart, she will thank me and understand why I'm saying this when she's finally in the Marines, & she's in the middle of nowhere, and she starts to question things rather than just saying, "aye sir, yes sir, no Gunny, yes Gunny, 10-4, Roger." That will be when her roadmap will come in handy, so she can pull it out and remind herself of her Own mission, so that she doesn't lose sight of why she's there in the first place, because I can guarantee you that the bullsh*t never ends.

No matter what your rank or title is, that will be your ultimate test, which is how much BS are you willing to put up with? In bootcamp, the Drill Instructors wreak havoc and stir up chaos all the time, scream at you, tell you to do it again, & again, AND again, & you won't understand why, but by the time it all comes together and you finally understand why your leadership does the things that they do to you, it's time to move on. Most Marines act like they're invincible and they forget that they're only human. You Will get hurt, you Will feel pain, & you Will have to make a decision when your health and well-being becomes a serious issue; there's a reason why it's a four year contract, because of the wear and tear the Corps has on your body.

Your head and your body will not be the same (as when you first joined) by the time you get out. So remember to take care of yourself first, mentally and physically, because the free doctor's visit is not going to be there when you get out. Just be prepared for a hard life, because you will learn what commitment and sacrifice Feels Like. But if you ever need advice you can always come talk to me! (Or call those toll free crisis lines, whichever you prefer). Oh, & stay single ladies, cause EVERYBODY has Somebody, Somewhere. Just do you, cause there's no better place and time to do Just That.