Stupid Fucking Stripper
Today this bitch complained to management that I was disrespecting her by dancing on a customer when she was on stage. I was sitting like idk, 15 feet from the stage in the back.

It's so petty and stupid. I apologized and she kept picking at it and I was like what else you want from me? So then she got on my nerves and I called her a baby. Then she really got stupid. And we were both screaming at each other and she threatened to fight me.

All these girls are like under 25. I ain't got time for petty bullshit and drama.

The bouncer later told me she has already been suspended like 4 times. So she has a reputation for being a trouble maker already.

It really bothers me that women are so grimy and shady. I mean strippers are their own breed of shady though, but you know what I mean. It is the nature of the beast.

And if God forbid women decided to stop fighting each other And instead help each other, maybe we'd have equal pay already.

Anyway, after the whole ordeal the manger even came up to me and said that the other stripper was wrong.

I don't even care anymore. I ended up tipping the girl the five dollars I made from the customer she saw me with. Just to shut her up. It's all about the mothefucking principal. If she wants to fight over five dollars then it shows just how desperate She is.