Sex Stories!

Today this 26yo kid I met at my club took me to a motel and we fucked for like 5 hours. It was A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Like I got NASTY wit him.

I had been good lately, having only protected sex. But this guy was drunk and even though I asked him for it, he just ignored my request and fucked me anyways, & by then I was too hot and heavy in the heat of the moment to stop. I wanted to fuck him SO BAD cause he was cute and his dick was purrfect. He jammed his dick deep in my throat n made me gag, but I think the witholding that I been doing with my other fucks has built up frustration, & I liked his cock. He had a perfect cock and bIg balls too. He was so rough he hurt me. But I liked it. Aside from the slapping. He smacked my ass like wayyy too hard and left marks :(

So I am using it as an excuse not to work tonight even though I just don't feel like going in cause I'm drained from our all-nighter. I have not has a good fuck session like that in a while, just straight fucking for HOURS. My pussy is sore but I'm still horny. He came Idk, like three or four times and I kept putting his dick back in and tried sleeping with his cock in me. I love that shit.

But my favorite part was when he was jerking off inside of me. It felt wonderful. And I was on cloud nine when he came inside of me and I felt his jizz all over my hand and his juice spilling, gushing out of his cock and filling my hand with his cum & hearing him moan in pleasure coming inside of me. And I licked that shit up too cause I wanted it. & I woke him up and put him back in and the desire was so strong, & his stamina was just through the roof. I wanna fuck him again :(

And the mirrors throughout the motel made it a visually enjoyable experience, to see his naked butt cheeks on top of me.

Too bad he's got a kid and fucks too hard with the slapping like that has gots to go.