1. Gangbang with 2 females

This clip is old but I really like the concept of having two girls getting gangbanged (sp bible).  It helps the social dynamic, because having two girls means that there’s plenty of pussy for everyone.  I would like to try having a gangbang with another female.  The only thing that I don’t really like about this video is that the girls are dry.  I prefer seeing a wet pussy!  MAKE SURE you fast forward this to at least 7 minutes into the video because the beginning is just the girls being chased around by the guys (I think the skinnier girl is prettier so I only focus on her the whole time).  I don’t like the background music either.  To find out what makes me wet click here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AAWvBh68Qbk

  1. Professor gets GANGBANGED by her students (Sex scene STARTS at 3:30)

This is one of my favorite gangbangs.  What I love about this porn scene is the story and the sexual tension.  The female actor is perfect for the job with her Look being an older woman, and of course the selection of white dudes to play the college boys that egg her house and then come in and (rape) her.  Of course it’s just her dream/fantasy, but the fact that these boys MAN-handled her and were very rough with her was what she wanted and fantasized about—a dream come true!  You even see in the end that she has bruises on her chin, but I like that they interview her and she SAYS that she “fucking loved it.”  I mean these sex scenes can be quite rough and hardcore (see sp bible), so I guess hearing her say that she loved it gives me peace of mind at the end KNOWING that she voluntarily did it (and that she isn’t a sex slave because you just never know what shady things can happen since we’re dealing with sex work and the porn industry here- just being realistic).  This sex scene captures one of my fantasies because I’m an Alpha female COUGAR (click here to see me talk about Cougars sucking cock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=95S7GLewGAg).  Being a Cougar means that I like being in charge, much like how the teacher in this scene is the one with more power and authority, but her YOUNGER students come in to show her what’s up and they lay the fucking smack down on her pussy and tell HER how it’s gonna be now that they’re not in the classroom anymore.  It’s almost like her students are telling her BITCH YOU’D BETTER FUCKING PASS ME IF YOU WANT THIS FUCKING DICK AGAIN!!  Lol.  Their BIG COCKS fill her up nicely and I would love to do something like that (except with Hispanic dudes of course :P)

  1. Cowgirl with FINE ASS in booty shorts fucks the bar owner

There is nothing special about this cowboy-themed porn.  I only like the way her ass looks in those shorts and I want to get a pair of shorts like the one she has on lol.  But his big cock seems to fill her up nicely.  I don’t like her titties either.  They’re too small.  Sex scene starts at about 2:20.

  1. AIRTIGHT HARDCORE GANGBANG with 2-in-1 Hole Locker Room Scene

What I like about this video is that it literally cuts right to the chase.  I really like the part where the guys are all holding her up off the ground.  I want to try that position.  This girl REALLY takes it in ALL holes, and the 2-in-1 for her ass and then a 3rd cock in her pussy is icing on the cake for me ^_^ I fucking love that shit.  The fact that all of the guys are hunks FILLING HER UP with HUGE cocks and have nice bods really makes this video a 5-star porn scene for me.  It’s a definite GO-TO in my porn collection if I wanna get off quickly.  I really like how the guys throw her around.  I wish I could be tossed around like that too…. Endless cocks for my insatiable cock appetite lol ;)

  1. August Ames Porn Star Playing a Yoga Instructor (Sex scene starts at 11:40) http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=1065264372

I honestly thought that she was kind of annoying in the beginning (her voice is super high pitched and girlie).  But after watching the video over and over again, she started to GROW on me lol.  What I love about August are her natural boobies.  I wish she had more color in her nipples, but that just goes to show you that no one is perfect, including porn stars.  Her boobs are a very nice shape and size, and I would love to suck on her titties too heheheehe.  Actually, watching this video makes me want to join in on the sex scene and turn it into a 3some scene.  I would NOT mind just being the 3rd wheel between these two.  I can see myself kneeling at the point of insertion while he’s holding her leg up so I can take turns licking her pussy AND his cock at the Same Time ^_^  I love their sexual chemistry and the way they look at each other; or more the way HE looks at HER…. It feels very real and intimate to me.  The couple is playful yet passionate at the same time.  They have fun with each other and that is what I love about this sex scene.  Oh yea, and his huge cock and balls is definitely a good size for me too.  One of my favorite parts of this clip is when they’re in the standing position & he’s fucking her from behind.  Me being the Alpha female that I am, when I watch this part, I literally imagine MYSELF as the Guy fucking her instead of imagining myself as the girl being fucked.  Yea, I’m weird like that, but that’s what I really do so :P  Of course, you all know that I’m definitely NOT a guy and that I have female parts lol.  I can prove it too.  Click here to see my nude modeling work (Turn safe mode off in settings to view nude art.)  www.zazzle.com/julietuncensored

  1. ALL OILED UP Rebecca Linares Fucking 4 guys (sex scene starts at 11:20) http://www.pornhub.com/view_video.php?viewkey=380199497

Yo this bitch’s boobs are fake as hell, but she definitely is a star the way she screams and moans.  I FUCKING LOVE IT.  The only thing I hate about this video is the old guy.  My favorite part of this scene is watching her cum when the blonde guy is fucking her ass.  I think it’s her accent that makes it sound so cute.  But what I like is how when she’s About to cum, they instruct her by saying “DON’T take it out, DON’T take it out!” while the guy SHOVES her head back onto his cock because she took his cock out of her mouth when she said she was coming (19:55).  I also like how she snatched the oil from the guy who was spraying her and she started spraying him back.  I appreciate their fun & playful chemistry.  Another highlight is when she says “give me some more.”  I think she handled herself quite well for taking on 5 big cocks.  The only time you saw and heard her getting nervous was when she said “take it easy” when they started DP’ing her.  Rebecca is very voluptuous and the guys are all HUNG, so minus the old dude and this would be the perfect flick.

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