So the other day I got a massage and the guy was a pretty big guy. He used about 75% of his body weight to push through me when he was massaging me, and he was strong, but I held up! You know how when they massage you, but they're doing it so hard that it feels more painful than relaxing? LOL. Well Anyways, it was one of THOSE massages, and I'm too stubborn to just give in to the pain and say, I can't take it anymore! Instead, I'm like, I want what you're gonna give, and I'll take it! That's my mentality, because I'm a very competitive person.

Even though the guy was older, and not attractive (IMO) I couldn't help but think naughty things and feel horny. IF he was my type, and sexier, then hell, maybe I would've grabbed his dick when he sat next to me to massage my arm lol! It's crazy how even though I'm not the least bit attracted to the guy, that I STILL had that naughty thought come to my mind smh. As he massaged me, I thought to myself, WHY CAN'T I find a guy who can massage me like that???

I watch the massage porn scenes sometimes, because the whole repetitive rubbing motion, and the shiny oil...and manly hands gliding over butt cheeks.... I think it's HOTTTT. Like I kinda want to do that to a WOMAN myself LMFAO.

And then I watched this porn where the guy kept massaging her boobs, and it was kinda mesmerizing lol. The girl was terrible though. I hate when the girl doesn't make good sex noises.

I'm so picky with my porn. It literally takes me like Idk, an hour to find one that I really like. If there's a pimple on someone's butt, or she has no boobs, or the guy is ugly or has a small dick, then I'm like, "NEXT."

I hate when the girl doesn't look like she's enjoying it because maybe she's so loose or had so much sex that she doesn't even feel it. You can just tell.

Now that I think about it, I've never actually been with a guy who is a true pleaser. *I'm* always the one doing all the work. WTF?

That's gotta change. I can't help it because I'm really passionate and if I really like somebody then I show them how I feel more than I say it.

With the guy that I'm going to see in 2 weeks (approx), we've fucked before, and I think we probably did it like 4 times the night I stayed with him. The sex was great, but I wore him out, and the asshole didn't want me to stay over again the following day. I got really upset, and it's a long story, but anyways, he said he didn't know how to say "NO" to me. AWWW. LOL. He said I'm the most experienced person he's ever been with, so I'll take credit for that lol. I think this guy's sexy, but we don't look good in pics together :/ And we have nothing in common either. So I don't see us going anywhere aside from being fuck friends.

Actually, when I was hanging with him n his friend, I think they might have smoked weed before I got there, but man, his friend wasn't bad looking either. I soooo wanted to fuck them both, or at least that was what crept into my mind, because I've always wanted to try a 3some. I need to feel him out more...

I don't think he's up for it BECAUSE he's not too experienced, but maybe if he's high I can convince him to... or if I happen to be with them and they're smoking I can just start touching his friend first lol.

Oh boy I need to get laid.