JulietUncensored's Ex-Pat Guide to Dealing with Puerto Ricans
1) Assume that everybody is shiesty
2) Women here have sex for money
3) Men assume women here have sex for money
4) Everyone flakes (Except when sex is involved)
5) People will pretend to be nice to you and stab you in the back
6) Women here are overly dramatic, immature/childish, insecure and envious.  Will take any opportunity to remove threat (i.e. You).
7) Men here are Really thirsty and just wanna fuck
8) The people here make it Known to you that they are staring at you
9) Intelligence is rare
10) People prefer to be lied to
11) Women are expected to take care of men and take place of their mothers, basically
12) Beware of theft
13) Don't get kidnapped
14) Everyone drinks or at least smokes weed
16) Everyone is a “Cabron.”
17) Puerto Ricans have A LOT of holidays
18) All they care about is image
19) You may get followed.  Be Alert At All Times
20) Women are sex toys